Property Development

The main activity of the company is the development of residential properties. This process includes the initial stage i.e. the purchase of real properties, which are always selected with strict criteria according to the location and the area within they are located.

The second stage concerns the technical and financial study of each building. This study is performed with regard to the exceptional aesthetics in terms of design, the strict technical specifications and the high-level living conditions of the future tenants. High quality materials are used in the construction and new technologies are implemented in various installations which ensure the high energy performance (energy class) of the building.

During the promotion of properties, the priority of LIATSIKAS Construction is the exceptional co-operation with its clients. This is achieved via the adjustment of the property, with moderate technical interventions, of the particular aesthetic or practical requirements of the perspective buyers, with the preparation of detailed specifications, with the due observance of the time schedules set and the guidance of the client through the conclusion of the purchase and sale process.


The company is active in the construction of private technical works, residences, office buildings and stores. It implements complex designs with extreme accuracy and emphasizes on every construction detail, undertaking the creation of integrated projects, from the initial stage of design until the turn-key delivery to the owner. In parallel, it undertakes specialized technical works throughout all constructional stages such as bearing structure reinforcement and metal constructions.

All works are executed by specialised crews, under the constant supervision of the competent engineer, according to all quality specifications and requirements. The worksites are exemplary organised, all necessary safety measures are adopted and there is constant care regarding the minimum harassment or discomfort of neighbours.

Project Management

The successful outcome of a project, at a technical and financial level, depends on the proper management.
Our company, by utilizing its technical experience and its permanent co-operation with carefully selected specialised crews, undertakes the management of projects from the stage of the issuance of the building permit until their full completion.

In this context, LIATSIKAS Construction undertakes:

  • The acceptance, analysis and comparison of offers
  • The constant communication with designers-engineers
  • The supervision of the project by an associate-engineer of the company (project engineer)
  • The exemplary organizing of the worksite and the strict observance of the safety measures
  • The coordination of building works
  • The strict observance of the technical specifications of the design
  • The settlement of various issues that emerge in relation to the technical details of the project
  • The conclusion of the procedures which concern public services and insurance organizations

By duly applying the principles of project management, our company reaches a complete technical result within the narrow limits of the initial budget, while in parallel it strictly observes the time-schedule.

Interior Decoration

The services of our company are completed with the suggestion of original and – above all – functional decoration solutions, for private residences and professional premises. These are suggestions, capable of transforming, with respect to the personal style and requirements of the client, each area to a uniquely arranged environment with separated aesthetic identity.

The main volume of our activity is occupied by the interior areas of residences, while in parallel we are also interested, as a creative process, in the design and construction of works such as offices, bars, coffee shops or stores. Having full knowledge of the constantly increasing needs of the contemporary living conditions, the importance of discovering and providing solutions which maximize the relevant area, exhibit the personal aesthetics of the tenants and constitute suggestions of creative inspiration and originality.

Our services evolve in the following sequence:

  • Analysis of the project with the client at our offices. Recognition of his/her personal aesthetic style, examination of his/her needs, detection of the overall impediments that may emerge for the project and the potential of each area separately.
  • Design and submission of a complete proposal in terms of design and decoration for the client’s premises. Depiction of the premises with the help of high-resolution sketches.
  • Financial offer for the cost of the project and agreement with the client.
  • Market research for furniture, materials, decorative objects and products for equipping the premises (carpets, curtains, tapestry, texture etc.).
    Lights design, creation of objects specifically for each project, design and construction of custom-made furniture.
  • Full or partial supervision of the project until the final delivery date..

The complete aesthetic result is a creative process on which we emphasize.

Preservation of Buildings

In the context of the provision of integrated technical services, our company is active in the preservation of residential buildings and professional premises. Integrated solutions are provided for preventive-corrective maintenance for the overall equipment that has been installed in these buildings. A continuous co-operation has been established with constructions firms, suppliers and companies supporting E/M systems. In parallel, the necessary Building Management services are provided, such as, cleaning, maintenance of green etc. This ensures for the company a high-level of maintenance services, service and response, a fact which is finally enjoyed by the users of the building.